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You can reach Yves Willard owner and operator:

Phone: 705-665-1514

e-mail: ynmcarving@outlook.com

Facebook: Yves Willard

Or Monique Lamothe manager

Phone: 705-929-0884



2324 Mckenzie,

Chelmsford, Ontario

P0M 1L0


4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Have you done any work in South River Ontario? We have a couple very large Elms that died last year and are interested in having them carved. Could you provide a budget number to carve a couple of bears, or an eagle. As we are on Eagle Lake

    1. Hello Mark, so sorry for the late reply. As it’s our busy time of year here at YNM WOOD CARVING. Thank you for your interest. I travel all over Ontario and some of Quebec to do onsite chainsaw carvings. I usually ask my clients to take a few pictures of the tree and give me the detentions, height and diamiter and send to my email at ynmcarving@outlook.com. Also how big would you like the chainsaw carving to be? Once I get all this info I will be able to give you a quote. Feel free to email or call me at 705-665-1514

      Yves Willard

    1. Hello Brenda, sorry for the late reply. It’s our busy time of year here at YNM WOOD CARVING. First off thank you for your interest. The price on our benches range from 1,295$ and up.For example our bench with bears coming out of logs are 1,295$. You can also email us at ynmcarving@outlook.com

      Yves Willard

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